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Registration procedure for .BA domain names

Registration procedure for BA domain names is slightly more complicated then it is for registering international domains, and it is defined by laws and regulations of BiH institutions. Fro more information, please see Regulations regarding the registration of the BA domain. While international domains can be bought by anyone without any additional requests and documents, .BA domain can be bought by only those who meet all requirements listed in Regulations. First condition for domain registration is that domain name is free.

Table of registration process for .BA domains.

You can check whether the domain name is available by using domain availability check form. In addition, domain name must have at least 3 characters, and characters need to be letters from English alphabet. Domain name can as well include the character minus (-) but not on beginning nor on the end of domain name. Domain name cannot contain two consecutive minus signs. Domain cannot contain reserved words, as: BIH, TradeMark, as well as names that are used by other companies or vulgar words. The process of BA domain registration is following:

  1. Completing the application for BA domain registration: BA domain registration
  2. Obtaining confirmation about the reservation on email including the quote and request form necessary for domain registration
  3. Payment of quote
  4. Sending request and ID document to us via regular mail
  5. Domain activation

Depending on your status, you will have to sent us following documents:
If you are legal entity from BiH
You will send us original request for registration signed by authorised person and verified with the company's seal, together with company's ID document (JIB).

If you are individual from BiH
You will send us original request for registration and a copy of personal identification document (ID card or passport)
If you are legal entity outside of BiH
You will send us sealed and signed bilingual power of attorney that you authorise Infomedia Ltd. to be your local contact for BA domain registration process, as well as some ID document from your company.

Why is this procedure so complex and all these verifications are required?
The procedure is complex because local laws and regulations for BA domain registration. Submission of original request is mandatory until the law on electronic signature begins to be applied, or until the change of rules.